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It’s the 27th of December 2014. My book, Playing Hard To Forget, was released yesterday from Dreamspinner Press. I’ve made some sales and gotten some really nice reviews. Not bad for someone who is literally right out of the starting gate. I’ve been making the rounds around the Dreamspinner Blog, and the Dreamspinner Facebook, and Tuesday I’ll be taking over the Dreamspinner Twitter page for a few hours. I decided that I should probably take matters a little more in my own hands and start a blog in my own name.

What’s Playing Hard To Forget about?

Ethan Robertson never asked to be the latest in a long line of werewolf hunters, but the war between his family and the werewolf Kinnairds has raged on for a millennium, and he is expected to fight like all the Robertsons before him. But then he meets Liam Kinnaird, a gorgeous, mysterious werewolf Ethan falls hard for. Despite the danger, they carry on a torrid affair until a terrible explosion destroys everything, including Liam and Ethan’s memories of their time together.

Twenty years later, Ethan is embroiled in battle once again and catches a glimpse of Liam. It triggers intense, erotic dreams that Ethan thinks might not be dreams at all. But he’s never been anything but enemies with Kinnairds. He’s certainly never been in love with one. Or has he?

There’s love, the supernatural, sex, angst, villains, sex, and danger. What more could you ask for?

What are people saying about Playing Hard To Forget?

“The history on this story is a wonderful addition to the story, her character portrayal and building is spot on and I give her two thumbs up…Bravo Ms Doone. I look forward to more from you, and recommend this book.” —4 Star Review from Lovebytes Reviews

“…a beautiful love story with characters that I really cared about. Couldn’t put the book down.”–5 Star Review on Dreamspinner Press’ website

“I really felt this one. Every moment, every emotion.”– 5 star review on Goodreads

Where can you buy Playing Hard To Forget?

Dreamspinner Press | Amazon(US) | Amazon(UK) | Amazon(CA) | Amazon (AU) | Amazon (IN)

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