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I hope everyone made it to my takeover of the Dreamspinner Press Twitter last night! It was a lot of fun and people asked some really great questions.

The extrovert in me wants to go out and party tonight, but the adult in me knows that I’m running on an hour’s sleep, a double shot of Café Cubano (I told the guy I wanted it so strong I could see the face of God), and a taco. My husband is beat from a rough few weeks at work. I kind of just want to go to sleep. That’s terrible, but I think we’re having a New Year’s Day party.

Resolutions suck.

I don’t have to live up to anyone’s expectations, including my own. I’ll probably just paint my nails more and try not to get eaten by a shark. Both are doable.

If I’m feeling really ambitious, I’ll try to get the perfect shot of the sun lighting up a Joshua tree, because they always look so cool on Instagram.

Maybe finally admit that I really don’t like Game of Thrones and Victoria’s Secret and that’s okay. Veep is a much better HBO show and Aeropostale makes cuter underwear and I’m old enough now to know when I’m paying for quality vs. paying for a brand.

Also maybe fix the k key on my laptop because it’s been sticking for, like, three months.

I have another book coming out in March. It’s set amongst the aforementioned Joshua trees and it’s tentatively called Something To Die For.

I have three more books in the works and I should find time to actually sit and write them.

I hate reflecting on shit, but I did manage to find a new job in a new field after proclaiming that 2014 would be the year I quit professional sports. I found the perfect red lipstick. I perfected the halo braid on my own head. I got left handed scissors and discovered what I’ve been missing all these years.

It’s the little things, you see?

I also signed two book contracts and saw the release of my debut novel, Playing Hard To Forget. That was pretty cool.

Speaking of, Dreamspinner’s Sale on all ebooks ends soon, so act now to get Playing Hard To Forget 20% off. It’s also on sale on Amazon.