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My heart goes out tonight to the 14 year old girl who was stabbed by a fucking shithead 14 year old boy who couldn’t handle that she didn’t like him.

From all accounts, this boy was obsessed with her and premeditated the attack–one that happened ON SCHOOL GROUNDS this morning.

I have so many issues with this I can’t even begin to address them all here, but let’s try.

To the boy’s parents: congratulations. You did a fantastic job of raising an idiot child who will go nowhere in life. You’ve taught him that violence against women is ok and that if you can’t have what you want, no one can have it. You’ve raised a senseless killer. I hope to god that you suffer for your crime.

To the kid: Congratulations. You’ve ruined your life over a girl. A girl who didn’t like you before and now wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire. I hope you’re happy. I know how boys like you grow up and it isn’t pretty. Have fun in jail.

To the girl’s mom: Congratulations. She told you she was being stalked. You saw her social media pages where he was threatening and scary and you didn’t call the cops. You told her to go to school today and handle things herself with the school. I’ll bet you won’t blow her off like that again.

To the girl: I’m sorry you had to go through this. People can be shit and him reacting this way is his own damned fault and not yours. You hold no blame in this whatsoever. You have the right to say no to someone you don’t like. You did the all right things and I am sorry that everyone around you let you down. You didn’t deserve this. You’re going to go on and have an amazing life and the loser who did this to you is going to have to live the rest of his shit life dealing with being a complete fuckface.

You’re going to come out of this on top and I want you to never ever feel like any of this was your fault.

Every child has the right to feel safe at school. Every parent who pays taxes for schools is entitled to a safe place for their children. Every school board who skimps on safety in the schools in favor of giving themselves raises should be tried as accessories to every crime committed on school property. How can a kid in 2015 bring a weapon onto school property? Haven’t we had enough yet?

And every person has the fundamental right to say NO and feel safe doing it. And if you violate that right, you deserve every punishment society doles out to you.

Piper Doone isn’t even going to bother pimping her books tonight, because this is so much bigger than books.