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To any person out there who fancies dating someone of the male persuasion. I implore you to take a gander at this example of what happens when men stop maturing in 7th grade. You get a Twitter feed like this one below. Yes, a girl rejected a boy at a middle school in South Florida and another little boy, who will no doubt regret this the first time he’s old enough to try to get laid and remembers that all Tweets are forever archived on the internet for all potential dates to search, decided to blame the girl and call her a bitch.

Yes, he called HER, the girl who got stabbed, a BITCH. Excuse the fuck out of you. You’ve never actually been around a girl, have you? Like, are they mystical, unknowable things to you because no girl in their right mind would let you near them? I hope, because you, little boy, are a psycho. How dare you call a victim of a violent crime a bitch?

Yes, middle schoolers will be middle schoolers and all, but are boys still being raised to call women bitches? Hasn’t it gotten old to constantly try to put girls down and then wonder why they rejected you as you sit alone in your room playing PS4 on a Saturday night when guys who know how to treat people like human beings have people lined up to date him? When I called him out on it, he proceeded to do this:

First off, my profile pic is the cover of my book, so, like that doesn’t even make sense.
And yes, he pulled the juvenile shit and said it should have been me who got stabbed. That I deserved it. Because I got pissed he called her a bitch. I deserve to die.

Now, I don’t know if you know this, but I have a pretty high opinion of myself. I’m also a god damned adult and not affected by some 13 year old who thinks I should die. But the very idea that there are kids out there being raised so poorly that they truly believe violence is the answer for whatever is pissing them off is so telling of how the girl got stabbed in the first place.

I feel sorry for every pre-teen and teenaged girl who has to put up with boys like this.

Girls, you don’t ever have to justify rejecting a guy. You don’t ever have to agree to anything a guy wants because you’re afraid of what he might do. You don’t owe jerk ass boys a thing. And if a little boy calls you a bitch? Well, show him what a true bitch really is.

Piper Doone is the author of the highly rated gay erotic romance, Playing Hard To Forget, available from Amazon and Dreamspinner Press and your favorite ebook retailer in paperback and ebook, and the upcoming Something To Die For, releasing March 2015.