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How hard is it to not steal someone else’s photo? In this case it was some blogger who thought my photo was hers for the taking.

I asked her nicely to credit me, knowing that as a blogger no one’s even heard of, she probably has 3 bucks to spare. My requests went ignored, so I had to pull the old DMCA Takedown card. It makes me look like the asshole, though, which is normally a label I wear with pride, but I’m NOT the asshole here.

9/10 of my stolen photos were taken with FILM. Shooting on film does not afford a photographer the luxury of screwing up. What you shoot is what you get. That’s extra time setting up the shot, getting the lighting just right, waiting for the perfect moment, and no takesie-backsies. Also it makes proving ownership a bitch because my exif or RAW data? Yeah, my data is THE NEGATIVE.

That particular shot took a LONG time to set up and shoot and I am proud of it. And it’s been stolen upwards of 30 times. Only ONE person has been human enough to credit me for it. She had taken it off wretched Pinterest, not knowing that it was stolen (the person who originally pinned it, downloaded it and pinned it as her photo) until I asked her to credit me instead and link back to MY site. I dinged the original thief on Pinterest and I have been chasing down the repins for a year. Despite having the image on my own Pinterest, credited properly to ME, every repin credits this shit sucking tit wanker in the Netherlands instead.

So, I continue to fight to get these assholes to stop using my photos.

I am not an amateur. I do not work for exposure.

I am a professional. I work for money.

This is how the real world works. Pirate my stuff and prepare to pay up several times what the photo is worth. I’m not nice. I’m not your friend. I don’t know you and you have done nothing to earn my respect or human decency. I protect my copyrights and I defend my copyrights. I am not lenient. I have no reason to be. You stole my stuff. You’re the bad guy. Every photo you steal is another photo I can’t sell. You’re diluting my brand and if I can’t make money off me, I’m going to make damn sure you can’t, either.

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