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Today I picked up the prize of any music collector’s collection:

The Lost Boys Soundtrack.

It was a dollar.

You can have your Coreys, your Kiefer, your Bill S. Preston, Esquire before he was Bill S. Preston, Esquire. You can have Jason Patric and his total hotness and not just in an 80s way.


You can even have Jamie Gertz back before “I GOTTA GO, JULIA…WE GOT COWS.”

I know who the real star of this cinematic Tour de Force is:

That’s right. Oily, Barrel Chested Sax Guy.

That hair. Those chains. That slick sheen of baby oil. The fire. The sax. Them hips that probably paved the way for Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age.

(let me believe)

Oily, barrel chested sax guy? You’re the damn best.

I haven’t been so upset by someone getting robbed of all the awards since Posh Spice was robbed of the Oscar for Spice World (THIS DRESS IS DRY CLEAN ONLY, MELANIE). He needed a Grammy, an Oscar, a Tony, an Emmy, a Golden Globe, A Nobel prize, and Student of the Month at Santa Carla Elementary for his scene.

It’s been nearly 30 years since Sexy Oily Barrel Chested Sax Guy and his friends graced our screens to make a little movie about vampires and, more unbelievably, a little movie about Jason Patric crushing on Jamie Gertz when we all know he and Kiefer were the real deal, but Sexy Oily Barrel Chested Sax Guy, whose real name is Tim Cappello and he even played with Tina Turner and went on to be a composer for stuff, we still believe.

In you.

On a sadder note, today we are remembering a great man and a gifted artist and actor, Leonard Nimoy. No saracasm. No jokes. No bitching and moaning. He will be missed. LLAP.

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She thinks the only thing that would make The Lost Boys better (besides forgetting the sequel ever happened) would be to remake it with her playing Star and Donal Logue playing Michael.  But oily, barrel chested sax guy Tim Cappello has to be down to reprise his role or no dice.