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I don’t want to give BuzzFeed any ideas, but I’m surprised they haven’t shat out a personality quiz based on which Harry Potter kid’s after-Harry Potter career you think is the best.

Emma with her studious, serious Brown-educated career that says you’re responsible and goal oriented?

Rupert with his ice cream truck and indie movies that says you’re a free spirit?

Dan and whatever the fuck he’s doing nowadays that says something about something (man, I seriously have no idea what he’s doing these days)?

Alfred with his How To Get Away With Murderness that says you’re destined for success and awards?

Well, whatever BuzzFeed would say to your answers, it doesn’t even matter because you’re wrong.

Obviously the correct answer is this guy:

Smile so bright it’s burning my clothes off

I know something he could pop pop, just sayin’

Make yourself a mental note to throw money at Galavant season 1 when it comes out. You won’t regret it. Look at this face up there. You get that and so much more.

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She bets you thought this was going to be about Donal Logue, didn’t you?